Nikka Yoichi 700ml

KSh 14,000

Yoichi Single Malt is an expressions from the Yoichi Distillery, Nikka’s first distillery built in 1934. The founder Masataka Taketsuru chose the town of Yoichi in Hokkaido because of the similar environmental conditions to Scotland, where he learned whisky-making. This malt is bold and strong with refined peaty notes and smokiness brought by the traditional direct coal-fired distillation and vatting of various different malt whiskies together. On the nose: peat, smoke, sea breeze, citrus, liquorice, ginger and black pepper. On the palate: almond, walnut, peat, smoke, melon, ginger and dark chocolate. The finish is long and mature, with notes of pear, apple, malt, brine and peat. An excellent and authentic representative of the Yoichi distillery’s special style.